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Pragnya Ayyagari highlights the importance of educating everyone about Leprosy and ending the social stigma

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Reigning queen Pragnya Ayyagari met with ambassador Yōhei Sasakawa, the World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador for Leprosy Elimination and Miss Brazil World 2022 Leticia Frota for the opening ceremony of the second Global Leprosy Forum in Hyderabad, India, and experienced the vastness and seriousness of the disease and joined forces to eradicate the same.

Recently taking to Instagram, the diva appreciated the entire team for their incredible work and expressed her gratitude to be a part towards a great mission. “It was a great privilege to be a part of the 2nd Global Forum of People’s Organisation on Hansen’s Disease. Hansen’s disease, also known as leprosy, has been one of the oldest diseases in the world. With the help of modern technology, we can detect the disease in the early stages and use medication to prevent the disabilities caused by the disease in the later stages,” she wrote, sharing details on Hansen’s Disease.

Ambassador Sasakawa, a visionary passionate about the fight to eradicate leprosy, congratulated both Pragnya and Leticia for the work done as ambassadors for the cause in their respective countries and invited them to participate in a conference at Vatican City in January.

“India accounts for over half (almost 60 per cent) of the world’s new leprosy patients. Hence it is very important to spread awareness and educate everyone about the disease to end the social stigma and discrimination against the people affected by the disease. Getting to know and hear the stories of people affected and cured from the disease from across the globe inspired me to continue working for the cause to eliminate the disease.

Most importantly, I’m inspired by WHO goodwill ambassador Mr. Sasakawa who, at 83, raised the “Don’t Forget Leprosy” flag on Mount Fuji and continued working selflessly for over five decades. @letticiafrota, you are very kind; lots of love to you! ❤️” Pragnya concluded.

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